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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Rackrs Authentication? Rackrs.com is an Autograph Authentication Services Company that specializes in the authentication of exclusively sports memorabilia. Our team is made up of autograph geeks and researchers who have been collecting for over 30 + years. Our goal is to help clean up the autograph industry, and provide you with a service you can trust when it comes to authenticating your autographed memorabilia.
  2. What do you authenticate? Rackrs Authentication currently only authenticates sports related autographs.
  3. What does "Authentication Through Transparency" mean? Our slogan means that every autograph that we authenticate is visible to everyone all the time. We post every authenticated autograph in our database, and that database can be seen on https://rackrs.com/featured or be searched by player name or team. We will not have a item that we've authenticated on our website without a picture. Sometimes other companies put your item into their systems, but do not add a picture. You will always see a full picture of the item authenticated on our website. We are also open to any questions you have.
  4. How much does it cost to get an autograph authenticated? As we start our new company, we are offering $12 per autograph for our online autograph authentication service (mail-in), $15 for our digital autograph authentication services (picture submission), and $10 for our autograph opinion services...these are the prices no matter the name or item. The other major difference with us is that we only charge $4 for shipping. We cover the rest, including insurance on your item(s).
  5. How do I submit my autographs for "Online authentication"? You can now submit your autographs online. We created this so that you can submit on your phone or computer without printing out those long forms and mailing them in. You can get started submitting items online at https://rackrs.com/submit.
  6. How do I submit my autograph for "Digital Authentication"? You can know submit an item for authentication without having to mail your item in. We have strict rules for this services, so please check out what you need to submit at https://rackrs.com/submit.
  7. Do you offer just opinions on autographs? We offer a service called "The Autograph Opinion". You can also submit autographs that you are interested in buying, and have them reviewed by a Rackrs Autograph Authenticator before you purchase them. Our authenticators will give an opinion within 24 hours, or faster. You will receive an email with our opinion. Please Note: You will not receive a Rackrs Certificate and Sticker for your item with this service. But, you will receive a credit if you do decide to send that item in for authentication in the future. This service is $10 per autograph.
  8. What is the turn around time for autograph authentication? Once items are received, our goal is a 3 business day turnaround when items are submitted using "Online Authentication". Turn around time for "Digital Authentication" is between 1-3 days. Our turn around time for form submitted items is between 5-7 business days.
  9. Are my autographs insured while their in the possession of Rackrs Authentication? Yes! Once we receive your item, it is fully insured while it's in our possession. Plus, we also mail all items back with insurance.
  10. Can you explain the shipping costs? We only charge $5 for return shipping costs. We will cover the rest of the shipping costs. Everything we ship comes with insurance on the item. For digital authentication we charge $4. This will cover us sending you the COA/LOA and stickers.

Rackrs Autograph Authentication Process

1981 Houston Astros Autographed Baseball - Rackrs Autograph Authentication