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Rackrs Autograph Authentication

Why Choose Rackrs Authentication?

  1. Added reassurance that you autograph is authentic;
  2. Increased value and marketability to your autograph;
  3. Autograph examined and reviewed by our team of authenticators;
  4. Autograph compared to one of the largest autograph example databases;
  5. Authenticated autograph will be given a COA or LOA, authentication sticker with unique certification number, and will be added to rackrs.com so that your autograph can be easily accessed for verification.
  6. How your autograph looks on the Rackrs.com once it's been authenticated.
  7. Increased visibility of your authenticated autograph. Once autograph is added to rackrs.com, you can send your page out to friends, collectors and potential buyers through Facebook and Twitter.

What is the Rackrs Autograph Guide?

We have the largest public online sports autograph guide available to collectors for free. We cover every major sport, and have over 16,000 autographs in our guide. New autographs from our private autograph database are released daily on our public guide. We are helping you make more informed decisions when buying autographs. Do you have a question about an autograph? Ask us!

Blank Autograph Cards

Thick, high quality, non-gloss autograph cards that can be signed with anything from a Sharpie™ to pencil. They're great for everything from Through the Mail (TTM) to In-Person Autographs. Keep Racking!