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Rackrs Authentication Services


Pricing & Fees

OPTION #1. SUBMIT YOUR AUTOGRAPHS (ONLINE & MAIL IN ITEMS) - You can now submit your autographs online for authentication. Just submit high-resolution pictures of the autographs you want to get authenticated. This way the authentication process is even faster. Our authenticators can start reviewing your items. Then simply mail in your items to our Rackrs Authentication offices for final review. If everything passes, you will receive both the Rackrs Certificate and Sticker for your item. Best part of this deal is that return shipping is only $4, for a limited time only. That's for your entire order. This service is $12 per autograph, which includes: Certificate; Authentication Sticker; Online Verification. SUBMIT YOUR AUTOGRAPH AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE.


  • Get your autographs authenticated faster;
  • No more filling out paper forms;
  • Pay through PayPal to give you that extra sense of security
  • Only $4 charge on return shipping. We cover the rest.


OPTION #1 B. DIGITAL AUTOGRAPH AUTHENTICATION (ALL ONLINE & YOU DON'T HAVE TO SEND IN YOUR ITEMS) - You are now able to submit and autographed item for authentication without having to send it in to us. BUT, there is a list of requirements in order to submit using our DIGITAL AUTOGRAPH AUTHENTICATION. We are going to be very strict on what we allow. If we reject your item for any reason other than your item failing authentication, we will give a full refund.

This service is $15 per autograph, plus $4 shipping (no matter how many items you authenticate) which includes: Certificate; Authentication Sticker; Online Verification. If you autograph does not pass authentication, you will be reimbursed your shipping cost. SUBMIT YOUR AUTOGRAPH AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE. Certain Autographs will not be allowed to be digitally authenticated, including: Mickey Mantle, Joe Dimaggio, Ted Williams, Lou Gehrig, Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Team Signed Memorabilia.


  • High resolution photos of the entire item being authenticated;
  • High resolution close up photo of the autograph from multiple angles - 2 to 3 photos required;
  • No scans. Must be actual photos taken;
  • Items must be in your possession and owned by you;
  • We have the right to reject the review of any submitted item if we do not believe the photographs meet our criteria.


OPTION #3. THE AUTOGRAPH OPINION - Just want our opinion? You can also submit autographs that you are interested in buying, and have them reviewed by a Rackrs Autograph Authenticator before you purchase them. Our authenticators will give an opinion within 24 hours, or faster. You will receive an email with our opinion. Please Note: You will not receive a Rackrs Certificate and Sticker for your item with this service. But, you will receive a credit if you do decide to send that item in for authentication in the future. This service is $10 per autograph. SUBMIT YOUR AUTOGRAPH AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE.

Your Information

What autographs would you like us to examine?

Please Note (Autograph Opinion Service): We reserve the right to reject any photographs that are too small, grainy, or don’t give a good representation of the autograph. Refund will be provided if we can’t render an opinion due to bad visuals, or a non-sports related autograph. The Autograph Opinion service is just an opinion, but you will get an unbiased opinion about the authenticity of your autograph. These are just opinions from our autograph authenticators, and errors are possible.