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Authenticate Your Autograph with Rackrs

About Rackrs.com Autograph Authentication

Rackrs.com is an Autograph Authentication Services Company that specializes in the authentication of exclusively sports memorabilia. Our team is made up of autograph geeks and researchers who have been collecting for over 30+ years. Our goal is to help clean up the autograph industry, and provide you with a service you can trust when it comes to authenticating your autographed memorabilia. We are a new company that is excited to make our mark in the autograph community. We are transparent in everything that we do, so please feel free to ask us any questions.

Authentication Process

Step 1 - Fill out Form - Download Rackrs.com Authentication Form

Step 2 - Mail in Autographed Item

Step 3 - Review & Decision

Step 4 - Autograph Added to Database

Step 5 - (New Feature) Add Link to Where Your Item is Available for Sale or Trade (optional)

Example: https://rackrs.com/RA/RA1725/cal-ripken-jr-autographed-official-major-leag

Step 6 - Receive COA/LOA & Certification Sticker

Authentication Service Pricing

We like to keep our pricing simple. We don't like to make things complicated by charging different prices for different players. Check out our prices, and always feel free to email us with a question.

Basic Authentication Service

Certificate of Authenticity (COA) - $7

- Comes with Certificate; Authentication Sticker; Online Verification

Premium Authentication Service

Letter of Authenticity (LOA) - $15

- Comes with Authentication Letter; Authentication Sticker; Online Verification

Introductory Pricing Specials

Download Rackrs.com Authentication Form

Rackrs Autograph Authentication Services

Rackrs Autograph Authentication Services

1956 Yankees Authenticated Autograph - RA1697

Willie Mays Authenticated Autographs - RA1726

Kevin Durant Rackrs Authentication - RA1020

Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez Rackrs Authentication - RA1545

Rackrs Autograph Authentication Services

Rackrs Autograph Reference Guide