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Recent Submission That Didn't Pass - Mickey Mantle Autograph - Educational Post

Mickey Mantle is one of the most forged autographs in the industry. Mantle is one of the autographs that every baseball autograph collector is after, and it has not dropped in value. It has actually increased dramatically. I remember back when he used to sign for $20 per item...yes, $20. We love getting the opportunity to review Mantle autographs. We recently got on in that failed our autograph authentication process. This one was not difficult to fail. Look at the M's. This is the biggest giveaway. Look at the shake. Mickey never shaked like that. The other big thing that popped out was the K in Mickey. Look at that dip in the K. We've looked at hundreds of authentic Mickey autographs, and have never seen that. This is just a sloppy attempt, but to the untrained eye this get's through. Please check out the other things we noticed in the pictures below. Our goal is to clean up the autograph industry one autograph at a time.

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