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Only reason I got him is Because I cornered him in a hotel elevator. After going 13 times and having him 1 on 1 and being refused a graph all those times before.... I tried the hotel....It was funny because the previous day hotel security was going nuts and the did kick me out and escorted me out of the hotel, the day before when the team was arriving at hotel for approaching Lebron. Going unsuccessful that previous day, i went back game day... But the day i got him game day, the same security guard that pointed me out and escorted me out the day before was working too. So lucky i was wearing a hat,different clothes and looking down at my phone the whole time this stupid guy didn't recognize me. So as I looked up I saw Lebron going towards the elevator so I ran to the elevator and i can run fast because I take fitness seriously run races and triathlons work out daily and do crazy crossfit workout. So i ran to that elevator the moment i saw him going towards it. That same security guard that kicked me out the day before saw me run towards the elevator so he was approaching so slowly. By then I had Lebron cornered and he wasn't with any one else and had nowhere to go and the elevator was still on the first floor so i showed him a black sharpie and he did it fast then i was able to sprint out of the elevator run out a back entrance of hotel then to the closest subway station before this security guard could ever get to me. Even better it was rush hour so I blended in in the rush hour traffic and crowds so out smarted this stupid security guard..


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