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Autograph Reference Guide

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What is the Rackrs Autograph Guide?

Welcome to the Rackrs Autograph Reference Guide, the largest verified online autograph guide available to collectors for free. Our guide covers every major sport – Baseball, Basketball, Football, Golf, Racing, Boxing, Wrestling, anything you can think. We have spent thousands and thousands of hours creating the ultimate autograph database in order to create a safer experience for collectors and help collectors make more informed decisions when buying or trading autographs. Our autograph guide is our proudest achievement, and it was made possible by collectors like you. Keep our autograph community growing and KEEP RACKING!!

How you can contribute to the Rackrs Autograph Guide?

Our autograph reference guide is open to you and to all autograph collectors. We know you have some amazing autographs to share, and autographs that can be great assets to collectors trying to make an informed decision when buy the next piece for their collection. Feel free to upload your autographs on the Rackrs Autograph Guide. After you submit your autograph, our team will review that autograph, then after it is verified by our team, it will be permanently placed on the Rackrs Autograph Guide. Plus, we will give you 100% of the credit, and you will also receive a Rackrs Verified Badge on your autograph. The more you add, the more respect you can gain as a collector in our community. Let everyone know that your autograph has been Rackrs Verified.

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Have you collected many memorable autographs? Share them on Rackrs.com to help promote an environment of trust within the sports memorabilia community.

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