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Rackrs.com Job Postings

1. Assistant Video Producer - We are really excited to be launching our new YouTube channel called Rackrs Sports. This channel is going to be dedicated to creating original content that explores the world of sports and the industry behind it. This can be an interview with your favorite athlete, to a story about a rare piece of sports memorabilia. We are also looking for an assistant producer to help us plan and organize shoots from start to finish. They will also help us in finding new stories and coming up with ideas. This is a project by project position. We would prefer an individual living in or close to the San Antonio area, but will also accept resumes from across the country. If you're interested, please contact us at contact@rackrs.com. #hiring #producer #assistant #rackrssports #sanantonio #production #originalcontent - YouTube Page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpPsMX2TIbNB_B0r9amDHug?

2. Content Producers - We are always looking for original content. This can be raw video of anything dealing with sports. This can be a collector getting autographs, footage from a card show,...anything that you think we may find interesting. We will pay for your content. Amount depends on the footage. If you are interested, or have some footage to share, please contact us at contact@rackrs.com. #content #contentproducer #producethis #behindthescenes

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