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The Rackrs Collection Series

"The Rackrs Collection" Series was created from the autographs from our private collection. Our owner has been collecting for over 25 years, and has amassed some of the most amazing autographs. This series will have autographs from many sports, and will also include special autographs from the music and entertainment industry. Each card is 1 of 1. This means that there will only be one autograph from a specific player/entertainer in this series. Also, each of our Rackrs cut cards will contain a sticker with a unique number on the back of the card. We will add the autograph and card into our database, which can be found with that unique number. Every one of our cards has been Rackrs Certified, and comes with full money back guarantee x 2. Thank you for looking at our Rackrs Collection. We hope you find a card you will enjoy.

The RC List

Highlighted names are cards that are available now. New cards will be added daily, so please check back often.

RC1608 - Kevin Durant

RC1739 - Reggie Lewis (SOLD)

RC1919 - Elgin Baylor

RC1694 - Akeem Olajuwon & Rudy Tomjanovich

RC1606 - Manute Bol (SOLD)

RC1829 - Chris Paul

RC1874 - Arvydas Sabonis

RC1609 - Becky Hammon (SOLD)

RC1964 - Isiah Thomas

RC1562 - Mitch Richmond

RC1963 - Maurice Lucas

RC1655 - Calvin Murphy

RC1740 - Robin Roberts

RC1650 - Earl Campbell

RC1693 - Jake LaMotta

RC1915 - LaMarcus Aldridge

RC1918 - Evander Holyfield

RC1873 - Willie Nelson (SOLD)

RC1738 - Harmon Killebrew

RC1961 - Robin Roberts

RC1604 - Rod Carew

RC1915 - Jake LaMotta

RC1635 - Pedro Martinez

RC1861 - Hakeem Olajuwon

RC1907 - Ray White

RC1952 - Gary Matthews

RC1906 - John "Blue Moon" Odom

RC1546 - Bobby Allison

RC1651 - Al Unser

RC1816 - Don Nelson

RC1771 - M.L. Carr

RC1682 - Vernon Maxwell

RC1962 - Bret Saberhagen

RC1970 - John Smoltz

RC1649 - Greg Maddux

RC1828 - Yogi Berra

RC1610 - Tommy Lasorda (SOLD)

RC1562 - Tim Raines

RC1648 - Brooks Robinson

RC1700 - George Brett

RC1964 - Isiah Thomas

RC1603 - Gary Carter

RC1605 - Enos Slaughter

RC1607 - Dave Cowens

RC1654 - Al Cervi

RC1545 - Davey Lopes

RC1590 - Amos Otis

RC1696 - Larry Johnson (SOLD)

RC1917 - Bobby Bonds

RC1549 - Sean Elliott

RC1591 - Harold Baines

RC1636 - Toby Harrah

RC1592 - Sparky Lyle

RC1593 - Carney Lansford

RC1637 - Rico Petrocelli

RC1594 - Jim Kaat

RC1563 - Tim Hardaway & Chris Mullin

RC1916 - Floyd Patterson

RC1638 - Pete Dawkins

RC1681 - Tyus Edney

RC1951 - Michael Conley

RC1726 - Rudy Gay

RC1652 - Muggsy Bouges

RC1695 - Larry Brown

RC1653 - Jose Canseco

RC1908 - Allen Iverson

RC1727 - Kurt Rambis

RC1772 - Gary Payton

RC1953 - K.C. Jones

RC1817 - Ron Howard

RC1548 - Johnny Podres

RC1998 - Jerry Koosman

RC1997 - Bobby Tolan

RC1996 - Joe Niekro

RC1995 - Eddie Stanky

RC1950 - Cecil Cooper

RC1905 - Richie Hebner

RC1770 - Charlie Lea

RC1725 - Jerry Harkness

RC1680 - Mario Elie

RC1954 - Dave Stieb

RC1639 - Rick Carlisle

RC1862 - Norm Nixon

RC1547 - Jim Fregosi

RC1999 - Chuck Tanner

RC1860 - Felix Millan

RC1683 - Bill Skowron