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Tim Hardaway Autographed Rackrs Card

Product Details

Tim Hardaway Rackrs Autograph Signing - Golden State Warriors

Thank you to Tim Hardaway for doing an autograph signings with us during the 2014 - 2015 NBA Season. It was amazing meeting a member of Run TMC, and one of my favorite players growing up. Mr. Hardaway signed a total of 50 cards for us - 25 series 1 cards, and 25 series 2 cards. KEEP RACKING!!!

Comes with an affixed Rackrs.com Certified sticker with unique number. Card is also placed in our database, and can be verified on Rackrs.com.

Due to the rising costs of shipping, Rackrs.com is only shipping within the United States.


  • Autographed Series 1 Rackrs Card - Limited to 25 $9.99
  • Autographed Series 2 Rackrs Card - Limited to 25 $9.99

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