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2017-2018 LaMarcus Aldridge Autographed "The Rackrs Collection" Card - 1 of 1. This series is from the private collection of our owner, and creator of the Rackrs.com Autograph Reference Guide, Ruben Garcia. He has been collecting for over 25 years, and has amassed an amazing collection of autographs. He has decided to create our first series of "The Rackrs Collection" with his autographs. There will be 450 cards in this series, and there will be no duplicates. Each card is a 1/1.

Each card comes as shown above. The card will be put into a 75pt holder, and sealed with a Rackrs.com sticker. One the back of each card there will be a Rackrs Certified Sticker with a unique number. With this number, you will be able to go to Rackrs.com, enter the number, and see your card. This will never move. Your card will be part of our database permanently for everyone to see. Check out the Rackrs Certified link for this card - http://bit.ly/2hIdzGK

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Here is the list of cards in this series. This will be updated daily.


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Episode 1 of What Do You Collect? is now streaming online!
Watch the award-winning show!